How to win at the casino?

Before considering the ways in which you can make good money in online casino, we will consider the bonuses that casinos can offer us. So:

  1. bonuses without using a deposit. The good thing is that you do not need to create a deposit to receive them. As a rule, they are not of interest, since they are issued for registration, and they do not have the ability to withdraw them;
  2. bonuses are sticky. These types of bonuses are also uninteresting to us, since they cannot be withdrawn, but are used only for the game;
  3. deposit bonuses. As an example – you can create a deposit of $ 100, on which the casino charges another $ 100;
  4. monthly bonuses. They can be received monthly, regardless of your deposit.

But how do you earn bonuses? Naturally, in this case we are only interested in the first two types of bonuses. In order to earn the bonuses that interest us, we just need to bet on the amount that is immediately stipulated in the rules of a particular casino. Therefore, once again taking this opportunity, we remind you that it is always worth reading all the points of the casino rules, even if you know its rules. Well, we figured out the bonuses, and now we’ll take a closer look at the remaining nuances.

Choose a game

Based on the experience of many generations of players, we can confidently recommend two games to play. At least for beginners. This is blackjack as well as video poker. Blackjack is good because the game runs stably and smoothly, so if you don’t lose your head, you can make good money. Video poker, by contrast, is notable for its wide spread of pot size throughout the game, as well as the luxurious adrenaline rush that all this accompanies. In any case, many experienced players prefer the latter type of game, which allows you to get a huge number of positive impressions.

However, we will assume that you are a beginner, and therefore we will insistently recommend playing you exactly blackjack. Carefully study the rules of this game (even if you already know them). Its rules are great for beginner players, and may only slightly differ depending on the type of game. In order to reduce the spread of the bank, we recommend playing using a constant bet size. This allows you to minimize your risks, especially with a small casino advantage.

After we have found the best games to play, let’s decide how do we play using bonuses. It’s not really hard? but there some tips that you have to know.

Many casinos located on the Internet offer players various types of bonuses. Let’s look at a typical scheme for using bonuses. For example, a casino offers us a bonus whose size is one hundred dollars. In order to be able to use it, we need to create our deposit for the same amount. Well, then – read the rules of the casino and find out how much we need to place bets to get a bonus. Typically, this is the size of the bonus, which is multiplied by 20 or 30. That is, in order to get a bonus of $ 100, you need to make bets on $ 2,000 or $ 3,000.

Naturally, one may wonder, what is the point of such a bonus, if you can lose everything? Of course, everything happens in the game, but, as a rule, not so often. Let’s calculate if the possibility of losing is so great. The average casino advantage is only 4.3%. It is easy to calculate that your loss will be no more than 13 dollars. For every 100 dollars of your bet, you will win at least 87 dollars. Agree, this is not so bad! Remember that the greater the amount of your bets, the more money you can get and wager thanks to bonuses. Using these simple rules, experienced players often end the game, remaining in a big plus. In general, for many of them, such a game has long been a way of earning.