Football betting

In the world there are many different strategies of betting on football. Below are the main types of strategies. One of the most popular strategies is to bet on the outcome. You bet on a draw or win one of the teams. Most often bookmakers denote such bets as X, 1.2. In the cup competitions appear P1, P2, but the bets on a draw are also saved, implying the main time.

This is the easiest type of betting. Coefficients here reflect the majority opinion. And the majority puts more often on favorites, therefore on them coefficients are underestimated and rates on a distance will bring only losses. Therefore, it is best to try to play against the majority. Similar strategies include bets on non-win, the absence of a tie in a match – these are the so-called double outcomes.

You can also make bets on the account. In this type of betting odds are very high. It is important to know which score is popular in this championship. There is even a special system called “plus or minus.” In this system, at the first stage, we choose a match and write 4 scores. If you have a desire to build express trains or systems, find several similar games. After that, combine express trains and get a strategic advantage over bookmakers. The main disadvantage of this risky system is that, losing the entire amount, you lay out a tidy sum. Quite a problematic situation for beginners. There are two variants of the game: choose a championship with low results (Russia, Italy, France) or, on the contrary, the most effective (Spain, England, Ukraine). In the last championships it is difficult to predict the result, but everything will pay off with a high coefficient.

Fairly well-known time-match strategy. It lies in the fact that we predict the result of both the first half and the final outcome of the match. The strategy is ideal for playing a favorite and an outsider. For example, the outcome of NP1 (a draw in the first half, winning a recognized favorite in the second) can bring a good profit. Football fans know that there are often matches in which outsiders hold on to the first half, while in the second they lose ground to the favorites.

Known strategy for bets on deletion. There is, of course, the possibility of betting on penalties, “doubles” and other events, but it is the deletions that are easiest to analyze and evaluate. Football fans are aware of the hostile relations of some clubs among themselves. For example, the Italian “derby” “Milan” – “Inter” is of fundamental importance for the whole city. And the emotion of hot Italians makes the meeting even more unpredictable. It turns out that the probability of removal in such a match increases significantly. What matches can bring us profit at the rate of removal? Let’s name a few of the most important couples: Chelsea – Arsenal, Sevilla – Betis, Manchester United – Liverpool, Reigers – Celtic, Dynamo – Shakhtar, Barcelona “-” Real “and others. Of particular note is the last match. Madrid and Catalan, of course, not from the same city. Here it’s not just about the rivalry of the Spanish leaders, but also about politics. Catalonia has long wanted to secede from Spain, but does not have a good resource for this.

We also advise you to carefully look at the match referee. Collect information on how often he removes players from the field, shows yellow cards. Interestingly, the strategy allows not to close on the analysis of sporting events, but also to analyze personal factors. And this, anyway, moving forward!

There is nothing absolutely new in the total strategy. You just bet on the number of goals you want, and if you are right, you will make a profit. Watch for services that change coefficients. Even the slightest hesitation should influence the decision you make. We advise you to bet on totals just before the start of the event.

You have also choose betting company carefully. This website is a really good one.