What will change in mobile gambling in 2019-2020

World gambling focuses on the needs of users. What changes will happen in this industry in 2019-2020? Why will gambling applications for mobile phones take the lead? App Annie conducted a study which results were somewhat stunned. According to the data, 2020 will be the year in which the mobile segment is given the first place in terms of profit from gaming. In percentage terms, its amount will exceed 70%.

Almost every person has a mobile phone. Pocket PC is an equally popular gadget. Such devices have become an integral part of life. Even grandmothers and teenagers actively use gadgets, not to mention middle and senior managers. People actively use smartphones, tablets, mobile computers at work and at home. The reason is not only communication with other people. They get the information they need and even earn money with the help of such gadgets: they play on exchanges, trade stocks. Gadgets are also used for entertainment.

Why mobile gaming is growing so rapidly

People spend a lot of time on modern gadgets, so it is not surprising that many areas of activity also use the online segment. Mobile phones are used for:

  1. listening to music;
  2. watching movies;
  3. reading books;
  4. online shopping;
  5. gambling.

The advantage of mobile gadgets is that they can be used without reference to the place. It is only necessary to fulfill several simple requirements: the modern device itself and Internet access. More recently, people who wanted to gamble had to attend special establishments. Now there is no such need. You can place bets anywhere you can connect to the Internet: at home, in line, in traffic. Recently, land gambling has been replaced by online gambling. If we take the statistics, the total profit received from mobile gambling will exceed $100 billion in a few years.

Interesting fact

Only in the autumn of 2018, the first application for mobile online lottery appeared in India. Unbelievable, but the fact is, that among all the mobile gaming options, only mobile phone applications remain the most popular and potential. Smartphones have a smaller screen size than conventional PCs. For this reason, special mobile versions of websites are being developed to make it convenient for users to view them from their gadgets. Online gambling sites are also being developed for online gambling.

What are the forecasts

Over the years, new advances in online gambling have appeared. There are prerequisites indicating that very soon gambling will occupy a leading position in the online industry. Not only mobile applications for betting shops are being developed. Mobile online games and gambling establishments receive maximum development. At the same time, it is planned that the games will be supplemented by elements of virtual reality that stimulate each other.

Despite the fact that the proportion of casinos is increasing the number of mobile applications and improving technical characteristics, you should be aware that in some countries even this format is prohibited. As demand is constantly growing, developers of software for online casino are improving their products. Separate segments appeared on the market, offering high quality content. Why does it work? The success of this is closely related to the needs of end users and their psychology. It is most likely that the consumer would prefer to receive an additional promotion or bonus when visiting an online institution than spend his own money.

Online business in different countries is not the same. This is especially true of online gambling. If you do not take into account those states in which such an industry is prohibited, then the United States is the country where the most stringent requirements are imposed on online gambling. Great Britain also belongs to such countries. The British can use some mobile gambling applications.